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Welcome to e-Seva Technology

e-Seva Technology is a technology-driven firm centred around building India’s largest network of last-mile retail outlets to deliver public utility services, social welfare schemes, financial and education services to the unserved and the underserved rural, semi-urban and urban population of the country. The Assisted Digital Convenience stores are called as e-Seva Online Centre, which act as the ‘One Stop Shop’ for availing multiple products and services.

e-Seva Technology aims to provide various online services, bringing financial and digital inclusion in Indian villages where the scope of online service in Rural India has never been so much necessary. But now with globalization and reach of internet, the need for reaching the hitherto unreached became the responsibility of a civilized society.

e-Seva act as the vehicle of delivery for Government, private and social sector services to the rural, semi urban & urban citizens. e-Seva Online Centre’s are developed as common platform for providing both social and private sector organizations to integrate their social and commercial goods and benefit the rural and urban population with IT as well as non-IT services.