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eSeva Mitra

eSeva Services enable our partners to help the people by providing them necessary services like Government Services, Financial Services, Bill Payment Services, Travel Services, e-Learning Service etc. eSeva helps you to earn and enables entrepreneurial attitude to lead life to the fullest. eSeva gives you a chance to be an entrepreneur and start your own business so that you have a full control over whatever you do.

By becoming an eSeva Mitra, You will be able to work on eSeva Portal and will be able to deliver various Government and Non-Government Services.

eSeva Mitra Registration

It is simple and easy process to register as an eSeva Mitra in the eSeva ecosystem. Registration is Free of Cost. Simply fill your details and join the eSeva Network.

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eSeva Mitra Success Stories

My name is Manish Kumar and I am from Barh, Patna, Bihar. I am providing various services of eSeva since 2020. I have made more profit after registering myself on eseva platform. I sincerely thanks to the eSeva team who have given me a better platform for self employment.

I am an eSeva Mitra and I recommend eSeva because eSeva is the best service provider in India. I am providing more than 100+ services through eSeva portal and earning a good income. I am very grateful to eSeva who has given me a chance to make a new identity in my society.