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Welcome to Master eSeva: Unlock Your Earnings Potential

At Master eSeva, we believe in empowering our eSeva Mitra partners to achieve greater success, higher earnings, and a thriving business network. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we are excited to introduce the Master eSeva program, designed to elevate your experience and income to new heights.

About Master eSeva

Master eSeva is a revolutionary program aimed at enhancing the income and capabilities of our valued eSeva Mitra partners. With over 100+ eSeva Mitras already benefiting from our partnership, we are ready to take it to the next level.

Benefits of Master eSeva

Increased Commission: As a Master eSeva Mitra, enjoy higher commission rates on every service you offer. We understand the importance of your dedication and hard work, and we're committed to rewarding it generously.

Build Your Network: Expand your reach and income potential by recruiting and managing your own team of eSeva Mitras. As they succeed, so do you. Earn a fixed percentage commission from their earnings and watch your passive income grow.

Enhanced Features: Access a range of exclusive features and resources that will empower you to promote eSeva services more effectively, manage your network effortlessly, and monitor your earnings seamlessly.

Additional Benefits

Structured Training: We offer you specialized training sessions for innovative expertise and professional growth.

Excellent Support: Our round-the-clock support team is available to cater to all your needs, ensuring your business runs smoothly without any hindrances.

Promotional Schemes: Regular promotional schemes and attractive product offers help amplify your appeal to potential customers.

Responsive Assistance: We provide sensitive support across all facets of your business, whether technical or strategic.

Financial Independence: Becoming a Master eSeva Mitra presents you with the opportunity to embrace financial independence, empowering you to fulfill your aspirations.

How It Works

Upgrade: Existing eSeva Mitras can apply to become Master eSeva Mitras. Once approved, you'll gain access to a world of enhanced opportunities.

Promote: Utilize our advanced tools and resources to promote eSeva services to a wider audience. Your expertise combined with our support will drive your success.

Build Your Team: Invite eSeva Mitras to join under your leadership. Help them kick-start their business and earn a percentage of their earnings as they prosper.

Earn Passive Income: As your recruited eSeva Mitras flourish, your earnings multiply. Enjoy a steady stream of commission while nurturing your network.

Join the Master eSeva Movement:

Are you ready to elevate your earnings, enhance your capabilities, and build a thriving network? Join us in shaping the future of eSeva services. Together, we will create a community of empowered entrepreneurs, driving financial growth and exceptional service quality.

Get in Touch:

For inquiries, assistance, or to apply for the Master eSeva program, contact us at 011-69313454.

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eSeva Mitra Success Stories

My name is Manish Kumar and I am from Barh, Patna, Bihar. I am providing various services of eSeva since 2020. I have made more profit after registering myself on eseva platform. I sincerely thanks to the eSeva team who have given me a better platform for self employment.

I am an eSeva Mitra and I recommend eSeva because eSeva is the best service provider in India. I am providing more than 100+ services through eSeva portal and earning a good income. I am very grateful to eSeva who has given me a chance to make a new identity in my society.